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MG Taylor Corporaation is primarily the Research, Design and Development (RD&D) function of the MG Taylor ValueWeb℠ Enterprise. We also develop the Intellectual Property and the Intellectual Capital for the Enterprise. Therefore, there are always a number of various products and services in different stages of the RD&D process, and there are various products and services that have been developed and prototyped and are at different levels of maturity through commercial, institutional and internal use and re-creation. All of these products and services are representative manifestations and/or expressions of MG Taylor's Intellectual Property at various levels of recursion of the patented MG Taylor System and Method (Patent number 6,292,830) "System for Optimizing Interaction Among Agents Acting on Multiple Levels."

The System for Optimizing Interaction Among Agents Acting on Multiple Levels is comprised of six Subsystems:

  1. System and Method for Facilitating Interaction among Agents

  2. System and Method for Optimizing Agent Pattern Language Values in Collaborative Environments

  3. System and Method for Integrating/Optimizing Technical Systems to Promote Agent Interaction

  4. System and Method for Transporting Agents and Agent Environments as an Integrated Experience

  5. System and Method for Structuring & Facilitating Value Exchange among Agents Forming Real & Virtual Economies

  6. System and Method for Facilitating Work and Commerce among Agents In a Knowledge Economy

A brief description of these six Subsystems and their interaction can be seen below.

Patent Table