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Ecology of Mind "This is a perfectly valid way to work," he asserted. "You collect everything, no matter how incoherent it appears. You don't stop collecting until you've collected everything that's in your power to collect. And then you let it all ferment inside of you. Darwin worked this way." A passage from Robert Grudin's novel, Book.

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NETWORK of knowledge workers -- essential to understanding how we organize around our work.
The MODELING LANGUAGE- Over the past twenty years, MG Taylor has developed an intricate language of conceptual models to create a toolkit for describing, mapping, and dissolving complex problems.


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Join MG Taylor, George Mason University, Community Intelligence Labs, and Knowing Journal in a first of it's kind program blending the fields of Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Leadership, and Innovation.
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Last Updated: January 4, 2001.

• Matt and Gail Taylor will be facilitating several workshops at the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Read More ...

• In conjunction with the Knowledge Ecology Certificate Program, join Matt Taylor, Mark McMaster, Lisa Kimball, other thought leaders and peers in an online seminar and dialogue exploring the competencies of a "Knowledge Ecologist". By the end of this seminar, we will design together a source document on... "Who are knowledge ecologists and what roles do they play in today's knowledge economy?"


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MG Taylor ValueWeb® Organizations

Iterations - Researching science and technology to help bring ideas to a forum and process that promotes their rapid assimilation into tools that facilitate the creation of a healthier society.
Releasing and sustaining Group Genius™ to help organizations make high-quality decisions in the face of growing complexity . . .
Atheneaum International designs, manufactures, and deploys workplace environments for information-based, high collaboration ventures.

A 41' teak and bronze Ketch, is a living metaphor, demonstrating the harmonious interrelationship of environment, tools, and processes.

An invitation to the Camelot experience, an opportunity for re-creation in the richest sense, is open to the MG Taylor® ValueWeb Community. . . .

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