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Chaos, Community, and Self-organization. A passage from Seven Life Lessons of Chaos, by John Briggs and F. David Peat
Some of our recent goings on, as well as recent press coverage...last updated August 31st.
What is MG Taylor Corporation all about? We've assembled a selection of articles from our site that will help you understand who we are and what we do.
You'll find a brief introduction to the structure of our site, after which you can dive straight in and see what we have to offer.
Over the past twenty years, MG Taylor has developed an intricate language of conceptual models that together create a toolkit for describing, mapping, and dissolving complex problems.
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Frequently asked questions of visitors - and a few responses.
Getting in touch.
knOwhere. An emerging marketplace of the new economy.
Athenaeum International designs and manufactures a line of workplace environments for information-based, high collaboration ventures.
Navigation Centers are client facilities that exist to support a specific purpose or project within an enterprise. This page will introduce you to the role a Navigation Center plays in an enterprise and some activities of Centers currently in operation.
An introduction to our network of knowledge workers -- essential to understanding how we organize around our work.
Camelot, a 41' teak and bronze Ketch, is a living metaphor, demonstrating the harmonious interrelationship of environment, tools, and processes.

You can charter the ship to learn for yourself about facilitation and how to manage a complete venture through unpredictable rates of change ;-).

Intellectual Property Notice

You are entering into a community of work known as the MG Taylor ValueWebTM. All persons within the MG Taylor ValueWeb owe a fiduciary obligation to others within the ValueWeb and are expected to understand these obligations. For more information concerning the fiduciary obligation click here. The fiduciary relationship existing among those within the MG Taylor ValueWeb permits an open exchange of ideas and know-how. Members of the ValueWeb must feel free to exchange ideas and know-how without fear that others within the ValueWeb will misappropriate this knowledge. Thus, information and techniques taught during training within the ValueWeb are considered protectible as trade secrets and know-how of MG Taylor Corporation. The observance of this ethical obligation facilitates the full development and growth of the ValueWeb. 

Protecting and enforcing intellectual property serves these four purposes:

Ensure that MG Taylor is recognized as the source and originator of the systems and methods developed by Matt & Gail Taylor (Build Brand Identity). Thus, those who practice MG Taylor IP must acknowledge MG Taylor as the originators and source.

Prevent dilution of the MG Taylor Brand that might otherwise result from unauthorized use of the MG Taylor IP. Thus, you can not use MG Taylor IP if you are not affiliated with the MG Taylor ValueWeb and have some agreement related to its use. 

Allow MG Taylor to profit from its most valuable asset, the intellectual capital of MGT. Thus, those who use MG Taylor IP should pay for it.

Establish a pattern of respect of the IP of all members of the MG Taylor ValueWeb. As Systems Integrator of the MG Taylor ValueWeb, MG Taylor seeks to protect the Intellectual Property of all members equally. The fiduciary duty of each member extends to all members so that IP, in all forms, can be shared and used as agreed upon by it's originators. The objective of protecting MG Taylor and ValueWeb Members IP is not to constrain trade or use. It is to protect individual creative effort; build a community of work based on mutual trust, sharing and financial respect; and, to require that competition be based on the ability to create new value in the market place not just take and manufacture to scale what is already there and originated by somebody else.

In an knowledge economy an individual's, or team's, or network's creative contribution is it's greatest asset. Thus, the rapid extension of IP protection in recent years. Ideas want to be free, but the various forms that ideas take, their expression in unique ways in tools, methods, processes and products has to be protected else we will have no basis for collaboration and trade. This is new ground. What is clear, however, is that each member's IP has to be treated with the same integrity as is money in today's economy. As we explore and create together, the highest possible standard of fiduciary duty is required of each of us even as we learn what this is.

These are the Rules of Engagement for those within the MG Taylor ValueWeb. By entering this web site, you agree to be bound by these rules.

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