Marilyn Ferguson

The Brain Revolution, 1973, pp. 306 and 307

Consensus is rare in psychology, but there is one area of general agreement: the characteristics of the creative thinker.

The creative person is playful. He entertains wild ideas and feels no need to pass immediate judgment on them. He is a one-man brainstorming session. He asks questions unceasingly. He is not satisfied with pat answers and has minimal respect for "estab-lished facts." Offered two alternatives, neither of which seems quite satisfying, he may devise a third. Even if he is a painter, poet, or composer, he does not think of his work as invention but rather as discovery. Drawing indiscriminately from chance observation and from outside his field, he is eclectic, always synthesizing and integrating.

His sensory perception is usually keen. He spends a lot of time in reverie and is inclined to be somewhat mystical. Often, he says, ideas come to him in dreams or idle fantasy. He enjoys surprises and challenges.

In the light of the great value placed upon creativity, a stranger to our planet might infer that it is rare indeed. Yet nearly all of the characteristics of the creative mind are present in young children! The child explores the environment, coins words, synthesizes phrases. He relishes surprises and copes with a challenge. He daydreams, discovers, asks ques-tions unceasingly. His perceptions are fresh, strictly his own.

Creativity comes from "Action

out of the center of one's

own experience"

coupled with the

responsibility to receive both

consequences and happiness.

--Knodal Saying

It's responsibility and trust for me. I

can take advantage of an opportunity

and just do my job. The transition

management role means a lot to me. I

thought to myself "I could lose

friends over this." I am stepping in,

taking responsibility, shaking the

tree, messing everything up. I'm

assessing the level of energy and

commitment it will take. It's huge. I

get excited about it. I means being

connected and being a part of some-

thing. With trust it will all come back

together again.

--Knodal Saying



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