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What kind of planning does it take to make mergers seamless for customers and painless for employees?

The merger of two insurance companies, National Standard Life and Common Wealth Insurance, could have involved painful adjustments. Not only were the record keeping systems incompatible, but the offices to be merged were located in different cities. Stakeholders believed that laying off a significant number of people might be the only way to accomplish the goals of the merger.

How could this merger be handled in such a way as to minimize the inconvenience to customers and provide viable solutions for employees?

During an MG Taylor facilitated DesignShop® event, representatives from both organizations collaborated to design a solution that would merge the record keeping systems, move the Florida offices to Louisville, and provide positions for all employees. As a result of the road map designed during the DesignShop event, the Florida offices and records were moved to Louisville over a weekend, without inconvenience for the customers. In addition, within 2 months, all employees were placed either within the new company or in better jobs in other firms.

"The Management Center® environment at Capitol Holding Agency Group in Louisville, equipped with an MG Taylor® environment and tools, trained the company's staff in DesignShop techniques, enabling the development of vital new products and processes."Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work, by Gayle Pergamit & Chris Peterson.

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