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MG Taylor's customers are any members of our Value Web™ network who use our processes, tools or environments. By approaching our web site as a customer (or potential customer), you will naturally be interested in several questions: What products and services does MG Taylor offer? Why are these products and services offered and why should I use them? What have other MG Taylor customers thought of these processes, tools and environments? We have organized some of the pages on this site around these questions.

Products and Services

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Leaping The Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work A book about the DesignShop® process, chronicling an actual event and several customers MG Taylor has worked with over the years. Written by Chris Peterson and Gayle Pergamit.
What is a DesignShop Event? A brief introduction to the three-day DesignShop process by which we and our customers design solutions to their complex problems.
Decision by Design: A Rough Timeline for the DesignShop Process What are the steps involved in the preliminary design, development and execution of a DesignShop process? This article introduces a timeline to help our customers know what to expect.
What is a Management Center® Enviroment? A description of one of the kinds of work environments that MG Taylor designs and the reasons for using one.
What is a NavCenter™ System? An introduction to the Navigation Center™ concept--an MG Taylor environment devoted to the roll-out of a specific, if complex, project.
Athenaeum International AI designs and builds the Environments and WorkFurniture™ components that Knowledge-based enterprises need to support the culture and productivity of Knowledge Workers.
knOwhere Store A marketplace for the New Economy, knOwhere is adistributor and retailer of MG Taylor® processes, tools and environments.
Guidelines for DesignShop Sponsors and Participants General rules for DesignShop participants that allow an event to achieve its objectives and more...
ReWorking the Workplace: Keys to Sustained Peak Performance An article published in Mobius magazine in December, 1993, exploring MG Taylor's approach to management in the 21st century.
How to Begin An article published in Mobius magazine in December, 1993, illustrating ways to induce change in organizations.
Premises Regarding the Knowledge Economy An article published in Mobius magazine in December, 1993, discussing the principles of the Knowledge Economy.
The Transition Economy Matt Taylor's journal entry from 1982 regarding increasing rates of change and the ways in which businesses must adapt to this environment.
History of MG Taylor Corporation's Strategic Direction The evolution of MG Taylor's philosophy and practices.
Weak Signal™ Research Recognizing and capitalizing on emergent trends in business, technology and the world.
Customer Relationships An overview of the relationships MG Taylor has had with some of its customers and partners over the past 20 years.
Natural Horizons What if your customers were so loyal they wrote books and songs about you?
Avis What makes a meeting so engaging that people want to stay...even after two days?
Carson Products How can an established company infuse new life into its vision?
Arnold Engineering and Development Center How can a diverse community effect change in federal law in six months...start to finish?
NASA's Langley Research Center How can employees design programs that bring about critical state change in the think and do process?
National Car Rental How do you find new opportunities in your business?
Federal Aviation Administration How can competitors collaborate to design critical solutions?
Ernst & Young, LLP How can you redesign your role in today's global economy?
Merger: National Standard Life and Common Wealth Insurance What kind of planning does is take to make mergers seamless for customers and painless for employees?
AEDC Value Web™ Network How can collaboration be established among many competitors to benefit the whole system?
Hilton Head Island Botanical Gardens How can "ordinary" people create an extraordinary community by nurturing group genius?

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