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What is an Emergent Node?
This page is what we call an "Emergent Node" on our website. As articles are published to the
Journal of Transition Management, we notice that they can be grouped into different categories. Every so often we'll pull one of these categories together and create a topical index and summary of the pertinent articles. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to view a list of other emergent nodes on the website.

An Enterprise of One: Overview for New MG Taylor Network Members The six sections of this article cover the time of transition we live in, a definition of the enterprise of one, some notes on special situations for Value Web™ network members who are employed by other firms, the compelling reasons for being an enterprise of one, how to get work in the network, and the fine print.
MG Taylor Vision and Mission If you're part of the Value Web network and an enterprise of one, then you should be familiar with the MG Taylor Vision and Mission
Transition Manager's Creed Likewise you should be familiar with the Transition Manager's creed, because no matter what specific role you may play during any interaction or event in the network, you are being asked to manage transitions using our philosophy.
Being a 21st Century Organization An article linking the Business of Enterprise model, the idea of Companies of One and Transition Managers. Asks all Companies of One in our Value Web network to work on their own business goals and plans for personal transitions.
Ideas on Remotely Delivered Education Programs for Enterprises of One Looking for a virtual business to get into on the ground floor? If you have an entrepreneurial bent, this article may describe an education program that interests you.

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