Modeling Language Glyphs
Appropriate Response
January 22, 1997

Each component of the model is represented by a glyph, the name of the component and a definition, the meaning of the symbolism behind the glyph and a representation of the glyph that you can use in quick sketching, or shorthand notation.

Appropriate Response

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Glyph Etymology Symbology Quick
EFFICACIOUS: The power or capacity to produce the desired effect. Ability to achieve results. To execute, make; perform, work out. To effect. Target (shield): invoking one's identity in the hour of peril for defense¹
Arrow: the light of supreme power¹
PROPER SCOPE: Breadth or opportunity to function. The area covered by a given activity or subject. Watcher, goal, aim. Triskeles: a solar symbol said to correspond to the three solar moments: the rising, the zenith, the setting; swift movement¹
Circle: universe¹
TRUE TO NATURE: The forces or processes of the physical world, generally personified as a female being. The order, disposition and essence of all entities composing the physical universe. The aggregate of a person's instincts, penchants and preferences. To be born, birth. Spiral in Circle: spiral of potential energy; seed of the universe²
Plant: an image of life; expression of the manifestation of the cosmos and the birth of all forms¹
ANTICIPATORY: To feel or realize before hand; foresee. To act in advance so as to prevent; prejudice; forestall. To foresee and fulfill in advance. To cause to happen in advance; accelerate. To take before. Radar screen: ability to look ahead, to predict the future so that a response may be made
SELF-CORRECTING: To provide with knowledge or training. To discipline, train or develop. To bring up. Balance: Equilibrium, inner harmony and results; intercommunication¹
SUSTAINABLE: To provide with knowledge or training. To discipline, train or develop. To bring up. Recycling: Ability to sustain through reuse; survival based on efficiency and weaving all segments of a value web into a whole


Definitions are paraphrased from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language New College Edition, 1976

Symbolism is taken from either Carl G. Liungman's Dictionary of Symbols² or J.E. Cirlot's A Dictionary of Symbols¹ or a combination of both.

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