Modeling Language Glyphs
July 4, 1997

Each component of the model is represented by a glyph, the name of the component and a definition, the meaning of the symbolism behind the glyph and a representation of the glyph that you can use in quick sketching, or shorthand notation.


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Glyph Etymology Symbolism Quick
ENCOUNTER: To meet or come upon, especially casually or unexpectedly. To meet, especially in conflict. Two spiraling arrows: to mix or blend²
Vertical bar: demarcation and division²
NEW INFORMATION: A numerical measuer of the uncertainty of an experimental outcome. Knowledge derived from study, experience, or instruction. A non-accidental signal used as input to a computer or communication system. Vertical line: something complete and defined²
Circle: symbolic of all possibilities²
PARADIGM: Any example or model. [In our case, a world model used by the controller of a system to make decisions based upon input to the system and past experience.] Circle (sun): eternal, endless, without beginning or end²
Wedge: (Hittite) city²
'SPOZE: To assume to be true for the sake of explanation or argument. To conjecture. To substitute, put under, forge. Question mark: a complete wave in vertical position. Dimension between spiritual and material, i.e., from possible to what in actual fact exists. The point emphasizes the concrete reality²
Broken Circle: A finite set of possibilities²
INCORPORATE: To cause to merge or combine together into a united whole. To unite with or blend indistinguishably into something already in existence. To form into a body. Exclamation point: [opposite of question mark] something absolute and powerful over something that is ²
Wedge: (Hittite) city²

 Definitions are paraphrased from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language New College Edition, 1976

Symbolism is taken from either Carl G. Liungman's Dictionary of Symbols² or J.E. Cirlot's A Dictionary of Symbols¹ or a combination of both.

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