Group Genius

The ability of a group working iteratively and collaboratively to seek, model and put into place higher-order solutions. Time compression, systemic work-flow, dynamic feedback, individual creativity and collective creativity are core features of group genius.


The Group Genius™ process is the heart of MG Taylor's patent pending methodology. Designing, building, and using environments, processes, and tools that systematically and repeatedly release this ability critically distinguishes the MG Taylor® Process from other ways of working. Over the past twenty years, MG Taylor has transferred the capacity to facilitate the Group Genius process to both individuals and the organizations within which they work.

As a recognized leader in the invention, design, development and delivery of environments, processes, and tools that are facilitating the transition to a knowledge-based world, MG Taylor in turn recognizes the people, places, and activities that exemplify the MG Taylor® Process. While the Group Genius Award is not a license or certification to use the MG Taylor® Process, it is a mark of distinction and excellence in the eyes of the MG Taylor Corporation and its ValueWeb™ community.


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