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Guidebook for Knowledge Workers and Process Facilitators

ARCHIVED January 27, 2001.

What is an Emergent Node?
This page is what we call an "Emergent Node" on our website. As articles are published to the
Journal of Transition Management, we notice that they can be grouped into different categories. Every so often we'll pull one of these categories together and create a topical index and summary of the pertinent articles. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to view a list of other emergent nodes on the website.

Article Synopsis
Our Broader Purpose
Transition Manager's Creed Everyone should be familiar with this statement of our philosophy and practice. It's the fundmental reason for why we do what we do.
MG Taylor Vision and Mission This is a statement of how MG Taylor as an organization works to fulfill the Transition Manager's Creed.
Working DesignShops Together
Typical Knowledge Worker Orientation Another wonderful article by Chip Saltsman that describes one design for pre-DesignShop KWorker orientation session. Includes the minute-by-minute design and the text of the assignments.
The Buddy System in DesignShops A great idea for weathering the high intensity, long hour demands of a DesignShop. Highly recommended reading for all!
Getting Started in the Network
Enterprise of One This is an introductory article to help networkers realize that as independent contractors they should diversify their client portfolio and not rely too much on MG Taylor work for their total income. Doing outside work also brings valuable new information and perspectives into the network.
KnetWeb If you're new to the network you should join our web-based marketplace of knowledge workers. For more information on KnetWeb, contact Russ White.
Technology Standards for the Network To increase your usefulness and skill in the network you should consider equipping yourself with software from this list.
Guidelines for DesignShop KreW Some general statements about facilitative behaviors in a DesignShop. Read these if you're looking at your first DesignShop, or your hundred-and-first!
Administrative Stuff
Expense Reporting Did you know that you have 10 days after a DesignShop to submit expenses to ensure that they will be paid? Read about these and other guidelines here.
Knowledge Worker Requirements for Reporting Travel Plans  
Process Facilitation
The Role of Process Facilitator in DesignShops If you've been called upon to be a Process Facilitator, learn the process and procedures from the pros in this series of articles based on Frances Gillard's recent experience at the new Cambridge Management Center.
The Conduct of a Sponsor Session Chip Saltsman's description of a fairly complex sponsor session held before a major DesignShop. Process Facilitators are now responsible for attending and supporting these sessions.
Responsibilities of KreW Leads in DesignShops There are all sorts of tasks that need to be done in a DesignShop. These are grouped into areas like Environment, Documentation, Physical Production, and Music. Usually a single individual is selected to be the single point of information and chief facilitator for each of these areas. If you've been tapped for one of these roles, read these articles to get a sense of what to expect.


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