Hilton Head's Botanical Gardens
How can "ordinary" people create an extraordinary community by nurturing group genius?

A twinkle in the eye of Charles Fraser usually portends something innovative and exciting for the future of Hilton Head Island . . . Toward that end, he recently assembled a volunteer group of garden devotees to brainstorm the dream of a botanical garden for Hilton Head Island. This group assembled not as experts, but simply an assembly of keenly interested lovers of both beauty and conservation and our island home. Their keen interest persuaded them, in fact, to show up at knOwhere for a four-hour structured session to exchange ideas.

"KnOwhere™ is a unique enterprise where people go for help in facilitating collaborative solutions to design-work-related problems. It is owned by an experienced and qualified couple . . . The staff is young, energetic and low key. The environment innovative, upbeat and fun. Under their guidance, the group was led through a series of exercises to discover what a botanical garden might be and what it might mean to Hilton Head Island. This gathering was a first attempt to gather help, to assemble dreams and begin to flesh them out . . . Cooperation is the name of the exercise, and it is hoped that the future will attract many more ideas and enthusiastic input." —Barbara B. Hodges, Hilton Head Monthly, February 1997

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