Individual Space: A NavCenter™ Environment for an Enterprise of One
James B. Smethurst, 09/21/1997

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The Learning Path: Five Points of Mastery, 07/10/1997

Creating the Problem

Four Step Recreative Process

Complex Systems and Venture Management
Bryan S. Coffman, 07/25/1997
Part I
Part II
Part III

Environments for the Knowledge-Intensive Workplace
James B. Smethurst, 09/21/1997

A Consortium-Based Model for Education in the MG Taylor Network

7 Domains 5 WorkProduct

What is a DesignShop® Event ? 07/08/1997

What is a Management Center® Environment? 07/08/1997

Communities of Practice and Pattern Language
James B. Smethurst, 09/24/1997

Decision by Design: A Rough Time Line for the DesignShop® Process
James B. Smethurst, 09/25/1997

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