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Expense Reporting Guidelines

from an E-mail by RK Bruce

(published 10/24/1996, updated 05/06/1999)


1. Invoices should be submitted for all fees and expenses for which the independent Knowledge Facilitator [equivalent to the term Knowledge Worker] is requesting payment. An expense travel voucher is not an invoice but should be used as an attachment to the invoice. The invoice should contain the following information: name, address and social security number of knowledge facilitator, name of DesignShopô or project, job number if applicable, location where services were performed, date of service, fee amount. If a wire is requested then the name of the bank, its routing number and the Knowledge Facilitatorís account name and number should also be indicated. (An example of an invoice follows. ) The invoices should be mailed to:

Patsy Kahoe
M.G.Taylor Corporation
c/o the knOwhere Store
71 Lighthouse Road, Suite 513
Hilton Head, SC 29928

or e-mailed to Patsy at

2. A travel expense voucher should be submitted as an attachment to the invoice for payment of expenses incurred by the Knowledge Facilitator in performance of services covered by the invoice. A receipt documenting the expense entered on the travel voucher should accompany the travel voucher. Receipts are required for all expenditures. We are required to submit the receipts for the expenses prior to being paid by our clients. If you lose a receipt you must, on a separate piece of paper, note the amount, description and time plus any other factors that you feel may be relevant. Make sure the amounts entered on the travel voucher agree with the receipt amount. Do not send blank receipts expecting us to enter the missing amounts. Travel vouchers should be submitted on a project basis, or at least on a monthly basis. The form should be totaled correctly. (If using the E-Mail version the formulas are already entered to do addition automatically.)

Invoices and travel expense vouchers should be mailed to Patsy within 10 days of the end of a DesignShop.

3. Payment Terms - will vary depending on MG Taylorís agreement with our client. The model is to pay within two weeks of our receipt of an invoice. Our process is to pay on Friday any invoices received prior to Friday, cash flow permitting. We may pay the fees first if there has not been enough time to work up the travel vouchers or there is a problem with the expenses. Depending on the customerís terms and cash flow there may be instances when two weeks is not realistic. You will be notified prior to the start of an engagement if the two week model is not applicable. If this occurs, the model becomes pay within 30 days of invoice receipt. Payments will be either FedExed or wired. Please be aware, that if payment is wired there will probably be a charge by your bank for the wire - this bank fee is not chargeable to MG Taylor. We do hope to have direct deposit available in the future which is normally a fee-free transaction.

4. Meal Expenses - covers meals not provided during the DesignShop™ or sessions. Meals will be reimbursed at reasonable actual costs, unless you are notified prior to an engagement that government per diem rates apply. If the receipt covers more than one person the names of the other people should also be indicated.

5. Lodging Expenses - Reservations will usually be made by MG Taylor, with confirmation numbers, hotel address, etc. sent out before arrival. Even though MG Taylor usually pays the bill you should review your bill for correctness. If the hotel provides you with a copy submit it to us with your other expenses. You should AOL your travel itinerary and pricing to Patsy Kahoe ( and the event Process Facilitator as soon as it is known.

6. Incidental expenses - Phone calls related to the project will be reimbursed at actual cost. A reasonable amount of personal calls home will be reimbursed (usually one when you arrive and one when you depart). Non-MG Taylor business calls are ineligible for inclusion. Laundry costs will be reimbursed if your stay away from home is for two weeks in a row.

7. Travel - Airline tickets will be reimbursed at actual cost with a goal of minimizing the actual cost through advance scheduling, etc. Some clients will require a two week prior cost lock in. To the extent you have been informed of this requirement, we will reimburse the same amount the client reimburses us.

8. Car Rentals -
a. In lieu of air - Reimbursed at actual costs as long as it is less than airfare. Personal car mileage reimbursed at .31 per mile. The .31 covers all car related expenses such as gas, depreciation, repairs and insurance.
b. In addition to air travel - Must be approved in advance by the MG Taylor Process Facilitator for the engagement. If approved, you will then be reimbursed at actual costs.

9. Miscellaneous expenses -
a. Taxis and tips - Reimbursed at actual costs, receipts are required.
b. Supplies - Reimbursed at actual cost if directly related to the engagement and purchased during engagement. No approvals necessary for under $25, Process Facilitator approval for items greater than $25. Receipts required for all supplies expenses.

10. Equipment Rentals - Any payment for computer and other equipment rentals must be approved in advance. A base level of technology is required for KnowledgeWork and this base level is included in the fee schedule. Any
additional requirements will be mutually agreed upon prior to the expense.

11. Invoice Example

Name of KnowledgeFacilitator(Company) Invoice Number :
Mailing Address:
Phone number:
Fax number:
AOL/Internet address:
Invoice Date:
Name of DesignShop or Project:
Location of DesignShop or Project:
Date of engagement: (start, end)
Fees Amount  
Expenses (voucher attached) Amount  
Total Amount  
Check :

If wire please provide:
Name of Bank:
Bank routing number:
Account name:
Account number:


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