Journal of Transition Management

Winter, 1997

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This quarter, many of the Journal articles have a sub-heading preceding them. These serve as groupings to help the reader understand more about the content of the article before viewing it, and also to assist in a scan of the table of contents as it grows in size through the quarter.

  • Field Notes refers to reports from Knowledge Workers concerning their experiences in DesignShops. Use these articles when you're helping to design, facilitate or serve of the Crew of a DesignShop.
  • Series indicates a collection of articles that represent the unfolding of a complete idea--usually a new project. There are several new series debuting in this edition of the Journal.
  • Enterprise of One indicates articles of broader application to Knowledge Workers in our network, including guidelines for working within the network as an independent contractor, and ideas for other facets of your business.
  • From the Archives is a section devoted to reprinting the personal Journal pages of network members as well as other material created since the seventies when the whole thing started.
  • The Practice of the Transition Manager presents stories and examples of how people from all over the world are successfully applying the MG Taylor principles and philosophy in their own workplaces and for their own right livelihood. Contributions from readers are welcome. E-mail the Editor if you have a story.

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