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The Management Center Network

[Matt Taylor Journal page 651, July 26, 1984, 9:52PM]
Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

After the first Regional Management Center is built, tested... is operating at a full service level and is in the black, the nature of the work changes. By definition, a Full Service Center has the ability to reproduce itself. A Full Service Center is a self-sufficient unit--a life form; it contains all of Miller's subsystems and is developed in all seven of the domains. Up to this point, the effort has been to create what has never existed before. Afterward, the challenge will be to reproduce; and then tie all these clones into a living system that is global in scope and will exhibit a synergy of all the components thus: a meta organization, the behavior of which is unpredictable.

This network--with stress on the work--will cut across national and cultural boundaries, across time, space and place. It will be an organization unlike any the world has ever seen. It will provide a new capacity. It is the most ambitious undertaking in the history of the world. When achieved, it will have facilitated a transformation of vast scope and of great quality. It will provide a way for Humankind to design solutions to the great Catch 22 issues of our day: World War III, pollution, poverty and the violation of freedom. We are practicing today--every day--a method designed to account for all the known blocks to a successful global transformation. A method that will employ the entire Human Race's abilities to break through to a new level of existence.

For this network to work, its integrity will have to be beyond anything prior to this point even dreamed of. Chauvinism of all kinds will have to be defeated. Knowledge greater than the total sum of the past will be assembled--a global library of Alexandria will be built--one that cannot burn down. A new order will emerge--a new governance.

The strategy by which this network is developed requires the best thought possible; all "old habits" will steer us wrong. Every assumption and practice must be challenged and re-thought. By definition the complexity of this network is such that it cannot be "designed"--we must conceive of a "design of a design." We must employ the NASA method. (Design strategy; performance specifications; administrative method.) We must break out of the organizational paradigm that we were all born into.

The time to begin this work is now. Within six months, if we do not have a systematic way to proceed with this we will in fact be designing the future organization by default. Steps--in themselves "meaningless"--will add up to an organizational inertia difficult to change. the design of the WAWD team system, the Management Center "franchise" system; the Transition Manager Course, the installation of client centers--even how the general public is introduced to the concept of Management Centers--all of these steps and more, will dramatically affect the real outcome of the network.

There are political ramifications to a global network of Management Centers. These are the influences more than any other that must be transformed. This cannot be accomplished with a naive view of the world or its history. It must avoid a corrupt view. The huge amounts of dollars involved and the "power" involved must not be allowed to distort the principles nor practices of a Management Center, nor the Network.

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