Following is an index or list of the patterns currently in the language.

SIG010-001 Signals
SIG015-000 Messages
SIG020-003 Compelling Inputs
SIG030-036 Information
SIG040-006 Noise
SIG050-011 Feedback Loops
SIG060-043 Double Loop Learning
SIG070-039 Autocatalytic Cycle of Messages


LNG010-013 Levels of Pattern Language
LNG020-044 Three Cat Referential System
LNG030-021 Coherent Modeling Language
LNG040-005 A Language That is Used
LNG050-064 The Pattern of a Pattern Language (Template)
LNG060-049 Cultivation of Fields


Field (Environment)
FLD000-000 The Field
FLD010-004 Centers That Live
FLD020-012 Enabling Physical Environments
FLD030-069 Neutrality
FLD040-060 Entryway Discovery Process
FLD050-062 Cave and Commons
FLD060-017 A Healthy Countenance
FLD070-065 Recreating Our Space


Knode (Personal Mastery)
KND010-008 Knodes (Adaptive Agents)
KND020-010 The Way of Personal Mastery
KND030-063 Follow Your Bliss
KND040-030 Seeds and Starter Kits
KND045-001 Awareness
KND050-048 Stepping Up To The Work
KND060-002 Iteration
KND065-000 State Change
KND070-027 Real Artists Ship
KND080-055 A Patch (Team) Member


Patch (Team)
PCH000-000 The Patch
PCH010-029 Sponsorship
PCH020-068 Mentorship
PCH030-051 Enabling Emotional Environment
PCH040-016 Sustenance
PCH050-061 Stable Relationship of Three
PCH060-033 Diversity of Knodes and Multiple Intelligences
PCH070-040 Facilitative Interaction
PCH080-009 Creative Tension
PCH090-007 Circle-up
PCH100-019 Vision
PCH110-020 Homeostasis and Innovation
PCH120-023 Organic Redundancy
PCH130-067 Service, Excellence, and Fitness


Web (Enterprise)
WEB000-000 The Web
WEB010-038 One Ultimate Purpose
WEB020-041 Connections Between Patches
WEB030-024 Lifecycle Stages
WEB040-015 Cybernetic Principles
WEB050-071 Emergent Organic Properties
WEB060-072 Stable Basins of Attraction
WEB070-047 Dynamic Capacity
WEB080-070 Evolution of the Web (State Changes and Fitness Landscapes)
WEB090-032 Co-evolutionary Nature


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