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Documentation--Symbols and Glyphs

[Matt Taylor Journal page 595 January 10, 1984, 11:58AM]
Guest Quarters, Alexandria, Virginia

[Editor's note: See MG Taylor Corporation's Modeling Language for further reference]

We are creating a new language. One more consistent with the human mind's creative process. This language is highly visual--it displays the relationships that are described in its content. It utilizes pattern and form; it employs organization and color. It expresses cognitive and symbolic content. It will draw upon the languages of mathematics, music and art--as well as that which we now call language: English, French... etc. (See Hermann Hesse's Magister Ludi, or The Glass Bead Game)

As Marshall pointed out, all languages evolve naturally through use in a social context; this language will develop in the form of the specific management center tools and processes. The client/user is learning a new meta-programming language (or in computer terms: a new operating system language) by using these tools and processes. (see: Programming and Meta-Programming in the Human Bio Computer). The new language will allow a higher level of "chunking" in the human cognitive process--increasing by an order of magnitude (or two) the thinking ability of an individual. Because it will convey precise and deep meaning accurately to a group, it will allow true group mind to emerge. Thus, individual and group performance will function normally and consistently on a level today seen rarely and haphazardly in the few individuals we recognize as geniuses.

All the major problems facing humankind today (war, poverty, pollution... etc.) are symptoms of the real problem: the inability of individuals, groups and institutions to grasp the complexity of the situations we (humankind) have created through our past successes. These problems are global and systemic--they require a "whole system solution" --yet individuals, groups, nations insist on attempting to fix the parts, which destroys the system more. This "parts mentality" is trapped in both the current language structure and in the commonly taught cognitive processes. Everybody thinks they know how to think. And how to work. Debates rage over possibilities of incremental increases of human productivity at a time when survival requires a quantum leap.

What will be the results when an entire organization of 1300 people make that leap together? I predict it will unleash an economic and cultural force unmatched in the world; a civilization as great as any that ever existed. This force can be the seed of a cultural re-evolution.

The Design Center at Acacia is the "mind' of the organization--our work is to maintain the health of that mind and to enable it to "see" itself. We must remove every block that exists to healthy corporate cognitive functioning. The "higher" the language (i.e., the more its pattern matches thought pattern--and the greater number of specifics can be contained in a single "unit" or symbol, and the least "translation" is required: mind -->symbol-->mind), the faster, richer and more accurate the group cognitive process. The clearer and healthier the vision: unobstructed focus on life sustaining, evolving and human developing goals in the form of specific wealth enhancing projects; the less internal resistance and waste. The less waste, the greater the profit from human activity.

Brandon defined mental health as "unobstructed cognitive functioning" (see: The Psychology of Self-Esteem), we are creating the language of corporate mind and mental health.

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