Knowledge Worker Requirements for Reporting Travel Plans

from and E-mail by Patsy Kahoe

(published 02/20/1997)

Here's a reminder to all about relaying travel information for sessions you work.

NOTE - this is important only if you:

  1. care about having a place to sleep when working with us and/or
  2. are concerned about keeping your SuperKwib (me), Process Facilitator (varies), and Paymeister (RK) happy.


  • Send your travel information PROMPTLY! E-mail is the accepted and preferred method to transfer information. The only exception is when you have been given such short notice that it is obvious you should call. Whoever has prevailed upon you can tell you who needs to be called. Normally it would be me (843-671-4755).
  • Send your e-mail to the appropriate people. Always include the
    • Process Facilitator,
    • Our Financial Officer, RK Bruce ( and
    • the SuperKWIB, Patsy Kahoe (me) (
    • There are sometimes additional people noted in the bird call. KnOwhere stores and Management Centers usually have a KWIB or Logistics contact who handles your housing for the event. Refer back to the bird call when sending your e-mail, and follow your Process Facilitator's directions.
  • Each session you work warrants a separate e-mail, even if back to back sessions share a leg of travel. The most common way to have a snarl communication is to send 2 or 3 sessions worth of travel information in one message.
  • Include in your e-mail:
  1. Appropriate subject title, such as "ini.EventTRAVEL/YYMMDD/Location". In this example, "ini" are your initials, "Event" is the name of the event, "TRAVEL" indicates that the E-mail concerns travel arrangements, "YYMMDD" is the date, and "Location" is an abbreviation for the location of the event. An example: Patsy Kahoe will be on the KreW of the United Way DesignShop on March 15, 1997 in Cambridge: pk.UnitedWayTRAVEL/970315/CAM.
  2. In the body of the E-mail, include:
    1. arrival and departure day/date/time.
    2. Flight information if flying; other information if other modes of transportation are used - see examples below.
    3. Cost of ticket or estimated expense for driving (reimbursement for latter is at the rate of .31/mile for personal vehicles; rental costs for rental cars).
    4. Sign off with your first and last name, particularly is you are new to us or share a first name with other networkers.

Here are examples of what is needed:

If you're flying (or training or busing):

SUBJECT: kw.DachshundsAmericaTRAVEL/970213/DC


Here's my itinerary,

Arriving 2:45 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 4, Dulles, on Delta flight 236
Departing 6:30 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 11, Dulles, on Delta flight 762
Cost: $246

(If there are two airports at the work site, include which one you're using.)

If you're driving:

SUBJECT: kw.DachshundsAmericaTRAVEL/970213/DC


Here's my itinerary,

Arriving between 3:00-4:00 Sunday, Nov. 4 by personal car.
Departing early morning Sunday, Nov. 4.
Estimated total mileage - 425 miles.
Car holds 4 people total if we need transportation while on site.

This concise information gives the Process Facilitator your arrival and departure time for planning work, the logistics coordinator the same for planning accommodations, and RK your cost for his money management needs.

Thank you for your help!

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