Quote of the Week (1997.09.21)
The Ability of New Tools to Transform Work

"As Gail Taylor says, 'You don't solve a problem, you dissolve it.' For the last day-and-a-half, these managers, engineers, and analysts have been resolutely held in an expanded information pool, undergoing accelerated learning, scanning their environment for new knowledge about co-workers, systems theory, the past and the present, and speculations on the different kinds of futures their organizations may face. They've been unforming and reforming a wide variety of paradigms, metaphors, and systems concepts. They have put these new tools to work to solve the various problems posed in the DesignShop work sessions. They still have their old tools, but they now have added a broad range of new ones. And by working together with people from whom they are normally separated, each group has access to a lot more intelligence, knowledge, and experience than they had when they first walked through the door. The names are still the same, but these people now make up very different teams than they did at the start of the event."

Gayle Pergamit & Chris Peterson
Leaping the Abyss
pp. 223-224, knOwhere Press, 1997

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