Stages of an Enterprise . . .

1979 MG Taylor Corporation formed to research and develop processes, tools and environments. The MG Taylor Mission Statement: "The mission of the Taylor Management Centers is to provide individuals and organizations with new ways of working, and to redesign and re-equip the workplace to operate effectively in the Information Age."

1980 MG Taylor Corporation built its first environment, called the Anticipatory Management Center.

1982 MG Taylor Axioms written by Matt and Gail Taylor while driving down the mountain from their home to the Management Center.

1983 Worked with the FAA and 13 airlines to help them find solutions to long flight delays (several hour delays were common, because of congestion, not weather).

1985 Working for Acacia in Washington D.C., Matt and Gail Taylor created a Navigation Center™ to help the company recreate itself. Their last project with Acacia was the design of the Navigation Center in Orlando, now owned by CNL Group, Inc.

1988 General Motors, National Car Rental, Capital Holding Corporation developed in-house environment.

1991 First strategic military client: MG Taylor transferred its system integration, knowledge management, and facilitation processes to Arnold Engineering and Development Center.

These methods were coupled with an MG Taylor designed collaborative environment. Today, AEDC, is licensed and facilitates strategic alliance initiatives with both public and private partners, suppliers and the community.

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