Group Genius™ is the ability of a group working iteratively and collaboratively to seek, model and put into place higher-order solutions. Time compression, systemic workflow, dynamic feedback, individual creativity and collective creativity are core features of group genius.

The Group Genius process is the heart of MG Taylor's methodology. Designing, building, and using environments, processes, and tools that systematically and repeatedly release this ability critically distinguishes the MG Taylor® Process from other ways of working.


The MG Taylor® System & Method

Patent (Pending)

iterations, LLC, the research and intellectual property business unit of the MG Taylor ValueWeb, has a patent in pending related to 6 subsystems of the system and method. This patent involves several levels of language and a process-architecture based on iteration, recursion and feedback of agents acting in an environment of agents. The patent involves a language that describes and operates the processes and is, itself, in patent pending.

MG Taylor is persuing a comprehensive, aggressive strategy in regards to intellectual property law and business practice. In the area of the patents, it is pushing the state-of-the-art. The purpose it not to attempt exclusive use or dominance over some future section of the knowledge-economy. The purpose is to establish a way to steward a body of ideas into useful products and services while legally protecting the ValueWeb (and its members) that invests, develops and employs them. At present, the patent is unopposed after initial review and it is expected that certain aspects of it will be issued within the coming year.

In addition to this high level patent, a number of functional patents on specific aspects of our work are under way. Also, a number of design patents have been filed. Most of this is being done at the business unit level of the enterprise.

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