U.S. Patent # 6,292,830:
"System for optimizing interaction among agents acting on multiple levels"

September 18, 2001

iterations, LLC, the research and intellectual property business unit of the MG Taylor enterprise, has been granted a patent for the invention of

a system and method for addressing the paradoxes and problems associated with the Knowledge Economy, and the transition to it. The system and method of the present invention create a unified experience of work that scales from individual thought processes to the building and using of a global system of commerce. Described in several levels of recursion, the system and method of the present invention integrate, into a single system and method several discrete Sub-Systems and methods that comprise a myriad of now unintegrated tools and processes that are conducted across contradictory and non-collaborative environments.

MG Taylor is persuing a comprehensive, aggressive strategy in regards to intellectual property law and business practice. In the area of the patents, it is pushing the state-of-the-art. The purpose it not to attempt exclusive use or dominance over some future section of the knowledge-economy. The purpose is to establish a way to steward a body of ideas into useful products and services while legally protecting the ValueWeb (and its members) that invests, develops and employs them.

In addition to this high level patent, a number of functional patents on specific aspects of our work are under way. Also, a number of design patents have been filed. Most of this is being done at the business unit level of the enterprise.

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