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Creative Thinking Guidelines
From the AND Workbook, 1981

Weak Signal Research
January, 1997
Just what is Weak Signal Research, and why is it important? Some definitions and stories to illustrate the basic principles are included here.

Philosophy and Practice of Architecture
December, 1978
Cultivate an incisive understanding of how the physical environment promotes or thwarts the goals and vision of the transformation--the organization's ability to continuously respond to and create change in a healthy way.

We Live in a Time of Transition
September 30, 1996:
"One of MG Taylor's tenets over the past 20 years has been the idea of the collision with the future. In this model, the rapid rate of change in the environment crosses and eclipses the rate at which traditional organizations can respond to change. Once eclipsed, the traditional organization struggles, and unless it can turn around, collapses. To avoid collapse, these organizations must discover new options and new ways of work: philosophical, cultural, policy level and strategic."

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TANSTAAFL - provides information about upcoming MG Taylor TANSTAAFL DesignShops, which address strategic, policy, cultural, and philosophical aspects of a particular issue or group of issues and are open to individual and corporate participation.

Transition Manager's Creed - a seminal artifact that expresses the core philosophy within which MG Taylor operates.

ValueWeb - introduces the Business of Enterprise™ Model as a way of working. Also included on this page are MG Taylor's Premises Regarding the Knowledge Economy.

Workshops - provides information about the educational and training workshops that MG Taylor offers to it's ValueWeb community.


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