Site Index for the MG Taylor Website iteration 3.5, first published August 13, 2001. Indexes of iterations 3.0 and 2.5 are available.

Axioms of Collaborative Design

Business Creation - companies that have been created or co-created by MG Taylor Corporation.

Contact - corporate addresses, phone numbers and email information for MG Taylor, its employees, and affiliate organizations.

Core Bios - background and work experience information on the MG Taylor Core Team.

Customers - a sampling of MG Taylor work history and success stories.

Group Genius - a unique process of releasing creative and emergent thinking in groups to reach higher-order solutions.

History - provides context, background, and a chronicle of highlights since being founded in 1979.

Licensing - provides information about the system and method and MG Taylor's practice of licensing organizations to employ it.

News - Current events, media and press releases, and other announcements about MG Taylor related activities.

Patent - a brief statement about the patented invention, owned by iterations, LLC and practiced by the MG Taylor ValueWeb™ companies.

Products & Services - provides introductory information about MG Taylor offerings.

Quote of the Week - an extended passage from a book in the MG Taylor library. The quote changes every 5 to 10 days.

Transition Manager's Creed - a seminal artifact that expresses the core philosophy within which MG Taylor operates.

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