Quote #263:
The Living Edge

Gary Thorp, Caught in Fading Light: Mountain Lions, Zen Masters, and Wild Nature, pp. 42 - 43, Walker & Company, 2002.

The things I pursued in the past had often seemed to be driven away. When I relaxed, interesting things sometimes happened. This was how I had discovered the eagles. It was all part of learning, and of occasionally giving things up to chance. Looking for a mountain lion, and believing that there might be value in such a pursuit, might appear to some as unorthodox or eccentric, It's not the kind of activity that ranks highly on most people's list of things to do. But if nothing else, it puts a person out near the living edge of things, on foreign soil, where the air is a bit rarified, and where a rebirth of the senses possible. It's a place of unfamiliar patterns, held together with thinly twisted wiring and fuzzy logic, where quick and sometimes baffling encounters with nature can bring new possibilities, either ridiculous or meaningful.

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