MG Taylor
Nashville Compound

MG Taylor, along with several of our partners require expanded space in the Nashville area to support our work throughout the region. All of us, at present, rent which is less than optimum: first off is cost with none of the expense going to equity; second is the severe design limitations imposed by traditional structures; and, the loss of prototyping opportunities which slows our advance toward the postUsonian and other projects.

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MG Taylor has been building environments for our own use, for clients and our license-holder partners for 25 years. We are exploring a number of options to develop properties based on our social, architectural and work/living concepts. This is the next logical step in our evolution and necessary to progress towards accomplishing our mission [link].

The initial focus will be on affordable work and living environments that have minimal ecological impact. A review of the stats [link] of our web sites reveals that the traffic, overwhelmingly, is attracted to our postUsonian project and the alternative working, living and planning concepts that Matt Taylor developed in the 1970s. Barriers [link] to these projects lead, in part, to the development of MG Taylor to create the capability required to build this kind of work [link]. Snowflake reaches back to our origins and fits a contemporary need and opportunity.