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Humanity, Right Livelihood & Quality of Life: Policy

"For only a short time, in most countries, has the individual human had the right to trial by jury. To make humanity's chances for a fair trial better, all those testifying must swear 'to tell the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth.' But humans have learned scientifically that the exact truth can never be attained or told. We can reduce the degree of tolerated error, but we have learned physically, as Heisenberg discovered, that exactitude is prohibited, because most exquisite physical experiment has shown that 'the act of measuring always alters that which is measured.'

"We can sense that only God is perfect - the exact truth. We can come ever nearer to God progressively eliminating residual errors. The nearest each of us can come to God is by loving the truth. If we don't program the computer truthfully with all the truth and nothing but the truth, we don't get the answers that allow us to 'make it.'" - R. Buckminster Fuller

Many current business and organizational ethics, goals and practices conflict with the ideals, principles and goals of humanity. What assumptions, policies and practices must change in order for the enterprise of the 21st century to work synergistically with the ideals, principles and goals of humanity?

"Dispite today's problems, most of humanity - by measures such as life expectancy, education, personal freedom, individual opportunity, and the satisfaction of basic needs - has never fared as well. What is truly remarkable is not that humanity still tolerates famine and abject poverty, but that for the first time ever it has the tools to eliminate them."
METAMAN; Gregory Stock, 1993

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An integration of emerging tools, processes and environments can rid the planet of famine and poverty. In the early part of the 21st century, we will have . . .

"Many European cities such as Stockholm or Copenhagen, which remain attractive to their prosperous residents, will no doubt continue to function in that way; by contrast, Asian, Latin American, and Central American megacities of 20 million inhabitants have become increasingly centers of poverty and social collapse. Already, the sheer concentrations of people - 143,000 per square mile in Lagos, Nigeria, and 130,000 per square mile in Djakarta, Indonesia, compared with New York's mere 11,400 per square mile - make it inconceivable that their inhabitants will enjoy the benefits offered by traditional European cities."

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Is it inconcievable? Or is it a failure of the imagination and our understanding of . . .

"The corporation of the Fourth Wave will be structured according to a community model. Because the Fourth Wave in general will occur after a shift in global consciousness, it will manifest many features that seem unrealistic to us today; for example, the devaluation of money as the primary motivator, the absence of hierarchy, and the elimination of external employee evaluation."
THE FOUTH WAVE: Business in the 21st Century; Herman Bryant Maynard, Jr. & Susan E. Mehrtens, 1993

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We will surf the Fourth wave in . . .

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