Inventing, designing, developing, and delivering tools, processes and environments that facilitate individuals and organizations in their transition to a knowledge-based, design-focused world
MG Taylor was founded in 1979 in order to start a new business based on a unique way of working. The focus was on creativity, the environment that stimulates it, and why individuals and organizations were not using—to greater individual and social advantage—the many alternatives that were available to them.
A pioneer of the Network Economy, MG Taylor has created an entirely new approach to collaborative work and the practice of releasing Group Genius™.
This patented invention includes a language and functional-architecture based on principles of iteration, recursion and feedback among agents acting in an environment of agents that results in novelty and emergence.
Over the years, MG Taylor Corporation has worked with a broad range of clients from many different industries. Some have been healthy, vital enterprises looking for effective ways to grow and prosper; others have come to us with specific problems that needed immediate, comprehensive attention. These have included start-up companies, local, state and national government entities, Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, not-for-profits and organizations such as the World Economic Forum.

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