TANSTAAFL DesignShop Events
"The future by design, not default."

TANSTAAFL DesignShop® events are forward-looking events designed to address strategic, policy, cultural, and philosophical aspects of a particular issue or group of issues. They bring together individuals, teams, and organizations who are "stakeholders" within the context of the subject matter and are meant to be catalyzing events that substantially augment, leverage, redesign and create new intellectual tools and processes that narrow the gap between Vision and Current Reality.

The essence of the TANSTAAFL DesignShop process is anticipatory design - AND, understanding the price associated with action or non-action. Most organizations - no matter their size - have barely enough resources to keep up with the changes specific to their immediate market environment let alone the entire world in which they function. The drive to be competitive and to satisfy customers continually narrows an organizations focus (The Innovator's Dilemma). Further, organizations tend to get trapped in their own world view. Weak signals are missed because they fall off the radar screen. Even large and successful organizations find it increasingly difficult to keep up with change. Time, and personal bandwidth becomes the critical resource - not corporate recourses.

Action-oriented, TANSTAAFL events are extensively documented with the expectation that many short and long term solutions and opportunities may follow from them. While each DesignShop is a "stand-alone" event, they are designed as a progression, creating the potential for synergy among events.

Past and anticipated topics include Coding the Transparent Society, Designing The 21st Century Enterprise, Systemic Issues in Healthcare: Economics & Ethics, and The Advent of Advanced Technologies: Engines of Construction or Destruction?

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