Journal of
Transition Management
First Quarter, 1998 VOLUME 3, NUMBER 1
Look for our introduction of a new product line--PatchWorks™ Designs. More to come on the modeling language along with articles on applying DesignShop® principles to everyday work.
Fall, 1997 VOLUME 2, NUMBER 4
This quarter we focus on process facilitation, NavCenter™ operations and a few more models from the modeling language.
Summer, 1997 VOLUME 2, NUMBER 3
We'll be bringing many of the MG Taylor models to the website. Look for the continuation of our Pattern Language for the Enterprise and more on our NavCenter™ product line.
Spring, 1997  VOLUME 2, NUMBER 2
This quarter features a focus on the Transition Manager and supporting the work of Transition Managers all over the world as we work to bring about a greater harmony and wealth for all in the fast-approaching 21st Century.
Winter, 1997  VOLUME 2, NUMBER 1
Three new series will debut during the quarter: one on Weak Signal Research, and one on a Pattern Language for the Enterprise. Also look out for brand new models for enterprise management based on complexity theory.
Fall, 1996 VOLUME 1, NUMBER 1
A number of policy statements for the Field...Descriptions of several models including Business of Enterprise...New glyphs for some of the models...Notes from some Transition Managers at the front.
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