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MG Taylor's producers form a network of Enterprises of One which support and facilitate MG Taylor DesignShop® events, Navigation Center™ environments, knOwhere® stores, and other project and process related work that supports MG Taylor's mission. As Enterprises of One, our networkers choose to contract their services to us for a variety of reasons--to develop their skills as Knowledge Workers, to learn about and support MG Taylor's processes and environments, or to work with clients and projects that they believe will help them create what they want to create in life. This website serves in part as a resource for Knowledge Workers. This page organizes the pages on the site that will be most relevant to Knowledge Workers: the philosophies behind "Knowledge Work" and "Knowledge Workers", and standards and practices for Knowledge Workers. For a more general introduction to MG Taylor Corporation, please visit the "Management" section.

Transition Manager's Creed The principles to which Knowledge Workers in the MG Taylor network hold themselves. This very concisely states the role that we see ourselves playing in the world.
MG Taylor Vision and Mission A statement of how MG Taylor as an organization works to fulfill the Transition Manager's Creed.
ReWorking the Workplace: Keys to Sustained Peak Performance An article published in Mobius magazine in December, 1993, exploring MG Taylor's approach to management in the 21st century.
Premises Regarding the Knowledge Economy An article published in Mobius magazine in December, 1993, discussing the principles of the Knowledge Economy.
The Transition Economy Matt Taylor's journal entry from 1982 regarding increasing rates of change and the ways in which businesses must adapt to this environment.
History of MG Taylor Corporation's Strategic Direction A narrative and timeline of MG Taylor's 20+ year history.
Standards and Practices
Guidebook for Knowledge Workers An Emergent Node that outlines some of the standards and practices of Knowledge Workers.
Support for the Enterprise of One An Emergent Node that explores the opportunities and responsibilities of an Enterprise of One in the MG Taylor network.
Modeling Language Forms part of the MG Taylor Pattern Language. Fluency with the models and the glyphs allows for more dynamic communication between Knowledge Workers and for more effective facilitation of the customer.
Introduction to Work Products Work products as a way to make the DesignShop® experience even more powerful for the participants.
Creating Work Products How to approach different styles of work products.
On Creating Work Products While Maintaining Post DesignShop KreW Integrity How to approach the work product production as an event in itself.
Rules for Flocking Behavior in the Web Parameters for making personal and group decisions in a decentralized network.
Five Days in a Navigation Center System: Employing the Environment in Support of the Creative Process  (gateway to 5 additional pages) Journal entries of a fictitious Knowledge Worker supporting a NavCenter™ System. How Knowledge Workers can use the enviroment and tools to facilitate work processes.
Education and Learning
A Consortium-Based Model for Education in the MG Taylor Network A proposal for a learning program in the MG Taylor network.
7 Domains® Workshops This series of workshops allows networkers and clients to explore MG Taylor's philosophies and practices.
The Learning Path: Five Points of Mastery Model Instead of the three traditional roles of education (student, teacher, administrator), we present five: the learner, the sponsor, the expert, the facilitator, and the steward. In high performance environments each individual moves from role to role sometimes in rapid succession and sometimes in cycles that span years.
5 E's of Education Model The necessary and sufficient components of a complete educational package.

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