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What is an Emergent Node?
This page is what we call an "Emergent Node" on our website. As articles are published to the
Journal of Transition Management, we notice that they can be grouped into different categories. Every so often we'll pull one of these categories together and create a topical index and summary of the pertinent articles. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to view a list of other emergent nodes on the website.


Editor's Note: The entries for this emergent node come mainly from Matt Taylor's notebooks from the early 1980's. The principles and practices of the entire MG Taylor system had been proven and reached a high level of maturity at that time. The rapid expansion of the enterprise would follow a decade later. With MG Taylor poised on the threshold of yet another rapid advance and broadening of its Value Web™ network it may be instructive to examine the ideas of this earlier time.

Review of January 1983 Economic Strategy for Management Center Development An exposition of Stage One and Stage Two economics Stage One is the cost and profit of building a Management Center, while Stage Two addresses the wealth that is generated through the operation of the Management Center.
The Difference Between Night and Day An exposition on the creative process--how it can be managed and not controlled--and the ramifications of this insight to the network.
Documentation: Symbols and Glyphs A vision of the new cognitive and symbolic language that MG Taylor is creating which will allow individuals, groups and enterprises to grasp the complexity of situations more easily, and thereby facilitate their solution.
The Management Center as Information Factory The definition and illustration of how DesignShops in Management Centers manage the flow of information within the human creative process to develop a knowledge industry. Introduces the concept of the Knowledge Center.
The Modern Attitude A listing and discussion of the major "why it won't work" blocks to safely navigating the global transition state. The blocks themselves are only symptomatic of a deeply entrenched and hidden "modern attitude" which the DesignShop has been crafted to hold captive long enough to break the closed loop cycle.
The Management Center Network The vision of a global network of Management Centers and a discussion of the transition state leading to the attainment of the vision. Also a warning of some of the pitfalls.
The Transition Economy A clear description of the shift that we are currently undergoing on a global level. Includes a specific response and application directed towards a banking industry DesignShop client.
Premises Regarding the Knowledge Economy Eight points that collectively challenge the current premises by which we manage enterprises and knowledge and simultaneously give us a new mindset as a replacement to steer us in our personal transitions.
The Problem of Language, Art, Tradition and Discipline in Business "In business, despite its pretensions, and despite the sub-disciplines it employs, there is lacking a precise language, art, tradition and discipline. In short, business and management is not a craft. It does not have or constitute a practice."
Management Center Vision 2007 This document is the result of a personal visioning exercise that Matt and Gail did on the future of Taylor Associates from the vantage point of 2007 looking backwards 25 years to 1982. The document is interesting for the vision it depicts of the Anticipatory Management Center that was build in Boulder, Colorado in 1982 and also for uncovering the similarities and differences between that time and our time. It's also a window on our rich and challenging history--the struggles, triumphs and sacrifices that have allowed all of us in the network to share in the growth and wealth-creating use of this fascinating tool.

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